How to become a Certiport authorized Testing Center

The meaning

Becoming CATC, an acronym that stands for Certiport Autorized Testing Center, means having digital certification tools based on a globally recognized Framework; for the certification of digital skills of various levels in the management of products, projects, digital capabilities and the use of software with a very wide worldwide distribution.
Becoming a center authorized to carry out exams means being able to sell  exam sessions that issue internationally recognized qualifications. The value of certifications of this type is to be found in the awareness that in a world driven by a highly competitive global economy in which there is often a large knowledge gap, having a system that certifies a skill represents a great opportunity.

How to

  • Concatc us

    We will give you all the information you may need and clear all your gaps

  • Create an account on Certiport

    If you don’t already have one you will need to register a new account on Certiport (it’s free)

  • Register a testing center

    Log-in on Certiport and register a new Testing Center (it’s free)

  • Make your first order

    Make your first order, for all the certifications you want. We will proceed to activate your testing center and assign you the purchased exams. (If you do not know the price list you can check that here)

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