INFORMATION OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO THE Art. 13 of the Regulation of the European
Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the

processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Protection of your data is important for us

We take a responsible approach to the protection of your personal data and we strive to ensure your right to information as well.

As the legal background serves mainly the Act No. 18/2018 of the Digest on Personal Data Protection and on Amendments to Certain Regulations (hereinafter only „Act on Personal Data Protection“) and the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter only „GDPR“).

When processing your personal data, we also adhere to the principles of legality, limitation of the purpose of personal data, minimization of the volume and storage, accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and liability.

  1. Personal Data Operator.

ICEP s. r. o.

Registered office: Vysoká 26, 811 06 Bratislava

Identif. No. of the organization: 45288402

Tax identification number: 2022921703

Executive director: Cataldo Riggi

2. Contact details of the responsible person

With regard to the extent and subject of our activities, our company is not obliged to appoint a responsible person. However, if you have any questions regarding your personal information, mail us at, or call the phone number: +421238101732 or visit us personally in our office at above address.

3. Purpose of personal data processing

The company processes the provided personal data for several purposes:

  • Processing of contractual and pre-contractual obligations

  • Processing of personnel and payroll agenda

  • Processing of accounting agenda

  • Ensuring health and safety at work

  • Measures to detect corruption

  • Protection of persons and property

  • Keeping of client database

  • Marketing activities

  • Agenda of received and sent mail

4. Legal basis for the processing of personal data of persons:

When processing personal data, the company proceeds in accordance with the valid and current Act No. 18/2018 of the Digest on Personal Data Protection and on Amendments to Certain Regulations (hereinafter only „Act on Personal Data Protection“) and the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter only „GDPR“).

Legal basis for personal data processing is:

  • Consent of the person concerned to the processing of personal data, depending on the purpose of the processing of personal data
  • Performance of the contract, to which the person concerned is a party
  • Specific legislation, in particular: Act on the Personal Data Protection, Social Insurance Act, Labour Code, payroll and accounting regulations in force, Commercial Code, Civil Code, Trade Licencing Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act on the Protection, Promotion and Development of Public Health, Fire Protection Act.

  • Processing of personal data is necessary to protect vital interests of the person concerned or

  • Legitimate interest of the company

5. Consent of the person concerned

The company obtains the consent of the person concerned freely, without pressure and enforcement, as well as without conditional on the threat of rejection of the contractual relationship, services provided or obligations arising for the operator from legally binding acts of European Union, international contract the Slovak Republic is bound by or the law.

Consent is granted separately for each purpose of personal data processing.

The person concerned is entitled to withdraw the consent at any time, in the same form as the consent was granted.

The company respects the privacy and considers the personal data provided to be confidential.

The by you provided of from you acquired personal data will be processed:

  1. With the consent of person concerned for the purpose of: registration on the web site; filling in of the contact form/questionnaire; for profiling activities based on an analysis of your search habits and preferences; marketing activities and newsletter.
  2. Without the consent of person concerned for the purpose of: cooperation with a judicial or other state authority; when i tis required by the special legislation; for safety reasons; for legitimate interest of the company; monitoring of the company web sites (see the information on cookies).

6. Beneficiaries

To provide quality services, the company needs to know certain personal data of persons concerned and needs to provide them to other beneficiaries for the purpose of fulfilment of legal obligations and providing of highest quality services.

In its business activities the company collaborates with various intermediaries whose goal is to provide quality services, whereby to carry out their contractual activity for the company, these subjects are processing the personal data of persons concerned. These include for instance support services in the field of processing and providing security services, in the field of webhosting services and e-mail hosting services, accounting and payrolls (LASSARD s.r.o.).

The company declares that when choosing individual intermediaries, it paid attention to their professional, technical, organizational and personal competence and their ability to guarantee the security of the personal data processed by the security measures taken in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

At the same time, the company proceeded in the selection of a suitable intermediary in such a way that the rights and legally protected interests of the persons concerned were not endangered.

As the operator, the company concluded with the intermediaries the written contracts on ensuring the protection of personal data processed by the intermediaries according to the par. 28, art. 3 of the Regulation, by which they are entrusted to process the personal data of persons concerned in the extend, under the conditions and for the purpose agreed upon in the contract and in compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.

The company provides the information also to third parties – Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Tax office, Office of labour, social affairs and family, Supplementary pension companies and others (banks, commercial insurance companies, executors….).

7. Conditions and methods of processing the personal data of the persons concerned

In its information systems, the company processes the personal data of persons concerned with partly or fully automated and non-automated processing means.

The company does not publish the personal data processed, unless required by special legislation or decision of the court or other state authority.

The company will not process your personal data without your express consent or without any other legal basis for another purpose or in the extent, bigger than stated in this information and record sheets of the individual information systems of the provider.

8. Retention period of personal data of persons concerned

The retention period of personal data is set according to the purpose of personal data processing and according to the requirements of special regulations.

Specific retention periods are prescribed by an internal regulation of the company’s Registration plan prepared in accordance with the Act on Archives and Registries.

The company disposes of in the prescribed manner the personal data whose purpose of processing and retention period has expired. After the end of defined purpose, the company is entitled to process personal data in their anonymized form to the necessary extent for research or for statistical purposes.

The company ensures that the personal data of the persons concerned are processed in a form enabling the identification of the individual persons concerned for a period not longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

9. Automated individual decisions, including profiling


To monitor its web sites, the company uses an analytic instrument that prepares a data chain and monitors, how the visitors are using the internet sites. When somebody visits the page, the system generates a cookie in order to register the information in relation to the visit (visited pages, time spent on our pages, watching the data, leaving the page, etc.), but these data can’t be linked to the visitor as person. This instrument is a tool to improve the ergonomic design of the web site, to create a user-friendly web site and increase the online experience of the visitors.

Majority of internet browsers accept cookies; however, the visitors have the possibility to cancel them or deny automatically. Since every browser is different, the visitors can set their preferences regarding cookies individually, using the browser toolbar. If you decide not to accept cookies, you will not be able to use certain functions of our web site. More about cookies in our cookies policy on the web site.

More information about the management of cookie files can be found in the help section of the browser or by means of the web sites, such as

Cookies type


Validity of cookies

Absolutely necessary/basic

– needed for the most important web site functions, enabling the right functioning of the web site

– it remembers the username that will give you a quick login at your next visit

– these cookies don’t collect any information that could not be used for marketing purposes

1 year


– they are used to improve the services for the user, they adjust the user interface

– according to the content chosen, the information is registered about preferences

– cookies can remember the items you added to your e-shop shopping cart, or the errors you encountered

After leaving the page

Performance cookies and cookies for targeting – analytical cookies

– the analytical tools are used of third parties (google analytics) to improve the quality of content for site

– statistical data are collected, such as number of pageviews and links to our site and the number of visits

– they help to understand the behaviour of the visitors to our pages

– with the help of cookies, the performance is improving of our web site

– these cookies don’t collect any information to determine your identity – they are anonymous

Erased automatically after 2 years since the last visit of the web site

Sharing on social networks

– use of social media of third parties that enable to share the content on social media from our sites by means of the buttons „like“ and „share“

– they require cookies for easier use of their services

– they register the data of your activity on the internet and web sites you are using

Erased automatically after 2 years since the last visit of the web site


– At the registration, where i tis necessary to input the login and password

– cookies ensure the connection of the device during the visit to the site

– fraud detection

Erased after closing the browser

Quality display

– built-in cookies improving the performance for faster loading of content and help compatibility

Erased after closing the browser

Site settings

– cookies remember your settings of the site, e.g. language, size of characters, region the user comes from

– this applies only to the site where you created an account or where you registered

Erased after closing the browser

Site owner

– according to the setting of the site

– they can be „red“ only by the given web site (number of site visitors, where they come from and what parts of the site they visited)

1 year

The company can be contacted also by means of Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of data management is to share the content of the Company’s website and the company’s presentation. By means of Facebook page the visitors can find out about news, current special offers in the company and also view photos from selected company orders and events. By clicking “like” on Facebook page of the company the subjects agree that the company can post its news and offers on their message board. On its Facebook page, the company also publishes photos/videos from various events. These data of the natural persons are published only with their prior written consent. Further information about data management of Facebook page or Instagram can be found in the Manual and Rules of the personal data protection at and

10. Transfer of personal data to third countries and international institutions

The company does not transfer personal data to third countries and international institutions.

11. The rights of the person concerned associated with the processing of his/her personal data

Based on the written request, the person concerned has the right to request from the company:

  • in a generally comprehensible form, precise information on the source from which the company obtained his/her personal data for processing,

  • access to his/her personal data,

  • in a generally comprehensible form, the list of personal data which are subject of the processing,

  • correction or disposal of his/her incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date personal data which are subject of the processing,

  • deletion of his/her personal data the purpose of processing of which has ended; if official documents containing personal data are processed, he/she may request their return,

  • disposal of his/her personal data which are subject of the processing, if there has been a law violation,

  • limitation of his/her personal data processing,

  • based on a written request addressed to the company or personally, the person concerned has the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data by stating legitimate reasons or providing evidence of unauthorized interference with his/her rights and with legally protected interests which are, or may be, in a particular case, damaged by such processing of personal data; i fit is not prevented by legal reasons and i tis proven that the objection of the person concerned is justified, the company is obliged to block and liquidate the personal data, the processing of which the person concerned objected to, without undue delay as soon as the circumstances allow,

  • prevent the processing of his/her personal data which him/her expect that are or will be processed for the purpose of direct marketing without consent and request their liquidation,

  • right to transfer his/her personal data to another operator,

  • whether the provision of personal data represents a legal requirement or contractual requirement necessary to conclude the contract and whether the person concerned is obliged to provide the personal data, as well as about the possible consequences of not providing personal data,

  • right to complain to the supervisory body,

  • right to file an application to initiate proceedings according § 100. If the person concerned suspects that his/her personal data are being processed unlawfully, he/she may file an application to initiate the personal data protection proceedings to the Office for Personal Data protection of Slovak Republic residing at Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27, Slovak Republic or contact the Office through its website

If the person concerned does not have full legal capacity, his/her rights may be exercised by a legal representative.

If the person concerned is not alive, his/her rights under this Act may be exercised by a close person.

The request of the person concerned under the Personal Data Protection Act will be processed by the company free of charge, except for payment in an amount which may not exceed the amount of purposefully incurred material costs associated with making copies, supplying technical media and sending information to the person concerned, unless otherwise provided by the law.

The company is obliged to process the request of the person concerned in writing not later than 30 days from the date of delivery of the request.

Limitation of the rights of person concerned pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act shall be notified by the company to the person concerned and to the Office for Personal Data Protection of Slovak Republic in writing and without undue delay.

The company hereby informed you, as person concerned, about the protection of your personal data and instructed you about your rights in relation to the protection of personal data within the extent of this written Information Obligation.

At Bratislava on May 25, 2018


Cataldo Riggi – executive director of the company