Increase the credibility of the international certification system and of the labour market and/or voluntary work through the qualification of their operators.

“Certify” all the possible professional figures for which the certification given by an “Independent Third Party” represents an added value with respect to the simple adhesion to an Association, also with a view to a greater protection of the Market and of those who intend or must recur to these professional figures.

Be leaders in EUROPE in their own sector.

Satisfy each interested party by respecting their own regulations and improving
continuously the performance.

Do not limit in any way the possibility to request certification through undue financial conditions and/or participation in groups and associations.

To achieve the objectives ICEP commits itself to use the necessary resources to increase the knowledge of its employees and the improvement of internal processes.

The process standardization and its better integration is guaranteed by the effective application of quality management system procedures

ICEP_Chief Executive Officer

Title: Quality Policy

Rev: 4

Date: 25th October 2016


Management System manager