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Certification of Personnel

For the certification of professional profiles that are not required to be accredited at National Certification Bodies, Icep has designed and progressively updates and expands several Certification Schemes for the Personnel Certification of different professional profiles, based on national and international regulations such as ISO standards and ESCO classifications.   The procedural requirements and operational stages that Icep adopts for certifying formal competences through Accredited Schemes, also stand valid for the Certification of Personnel based on non-accredited Schemes:  
  • Submission of application documents
  • Verification of compliance to requirements listed in the Certification Scheme
  • Examination, either in person or in videoconference, carried out by an appointed Examiner and in the presence of a Witness
  • Issue of certificate
  • Monitoring the continued fulfilment of requirements of the certified person over time
Discover the Professional Profiles of our Certification Schemes
ESCO 3344 – Medical secretaries
ESCO 242 – Administration
ESCO 2411 – Accountants
ESCO 1420.4 – Shop manager
ESCO 5223.7 – Specialised seller
ESCO 4312.7 – Tax clerk
ESCO 4312.5 – Investment clerk
ESCO 3114 – Electronics engineering technicians
ESCO 243 – Sales, marketing and public relations professionals

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