ICEP’s Mission is to contribute to the credibility of the international certification system and the world of work and / or volunteering through the demonstrable qualification demonstrable of the operators. 

ICEP‘s purpose is to “certify” all possible professions for which the certification given by an “independent third part” represents an added value than the mere membership to an Association, and also a view to better protection of the business and of those who wish or need to resort to such professional roles. 

ICEP’s target is to be a European leader in its field. 

ICEP operates with the aim of guaranteeing a service characterized by high professionalism based on an ethical integrity, impartiality of judgment, objectivity, respect for people and responsibility towards society. 

To this purpose, ICEP has implemented a procedure that provides for a careful and periodic analysis of the risks associated with all phases of service provision and the consequent management of any situations deemed potentially critical. 

Furthermore, on all Certification activities, a Committee for the safeguarding of impartiality, composed of members external to the organization, is present, representing all the social partners involved. 

With the aim of strengthening the sharing of these values, ICEP veries that all the figures involved in the certification process are: 

  • fully aware and respectful of the confidentiality of information; called to continuously guarantee the absence of conflicts of interest; 
  • have an approach objective and impartial on the activities and candidates applying for certification or already certified. 

The compliance with these values is constantly monitored by ICEP as required by ISO 17024 through a special Management System, constantly maintained and verified both internally and externally through periodic checks by the accreditation bodies.