Who we are?

Based in Vysoká 26, 811 06 Bratislava – Slovakia,  ICEP s.r.o.- European Institute for the Certification of Personnel was founded in 2009. Since 2010 ICEP s.r.o. has been the only legally registered owner of the ICEP trademark worldwide.

ICEP was created with the aim of contributing to the growth of the International Certification System credibility. 

ICEP also aims to promote the credibility of volunteering and the credibility of the job market through verifiable certifications of Operators.

Certification of individual skills can represent an important added value compared to the simple joining an association, but only if carried out by an independent third party.


Our institution does not offer training or consultancy services in the area of ISO standards.

Disclaimer for customers

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have changed – transition plan for the certificate of competence. From 1 September 2017, all certificates of competence will be issued only in accordance with the 2015 standard version. From the 1st September 2017 to the end of September 2018 the current certificate shall be updated to the 2015 standards version. All people with a valid certificate must demonstrate a specific training activity (minimum 8 hours) and 2 audits carried out according to the 2015 standards version (during surveillance or re-certification). At the end of September 2018 all certificates according to ISO 9001 (2008 edition) and ISO 14001 (2004 edition) have been withdrawn.

Our Mission

ICEP aims to contribute to the mutual recognition of qualifications within Europe through the international certification system which ensures credibility through the recognition and certification of professionals  in the labour market  and / or volunteering.

ICEP’s purpose is to certify professions and skills through  a set of standards and quality assurance mechanisms issued in compliance with the standards specified by international standards EN ISO 17024.

ICEP’s goal is to be a leader in its sector.

ICEP establishes a European learning outcomes-based reference framework for qualifications aiming at improving transparency and comparability of qualifications. It guarantees  a professional service based on ethical integrity, absence of prejudice, impartiality ,respect for people’s rights and dignity, social responsibility towards society.

ICEP has implemented a procedure that provides a periodic risks analysis carried out during each phase of the Service Delivery process plus an effective risks assessment and management system to face any potential critical situations.

In order to guarantee the objectivity and impartiality of the inspections made and certificates granted, the Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality composed by external members constantly monitors all the aspects influencing trust and reliability of certification by controlling the principal indicators (procedures, complaints, etc.), and all the certification issues.

 ICEP supervises the application of policies regarding impartiality, it verifies that all the actors involved in the certification process are fully aware and respectful of the protecting confidential communications; it also develops policies to ensure the impartiality of the certification activities, and suggestions on all aspects which could influence trust in the certification,including transparency.

Compliance with these values ​​is constantly monitored by ICEP as required by the ISO 17024 standard through a specially designed Management System, kept updated and verified both internally and externally through periodic checks by the accreditation bodies.


Icep has accredited the Certification scheme for “QMS” pursuant to ISO 9001: 2015 with the Lead Auditor, Auditor, Internal Auditor degrees at SNAS – SLOVAK NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SERVICE with Accreditation code O-020.