Trainers and CERTIFICATION BODY certified staff commit to:

 Make known to all those who request it the contents of this code ethics;

▪Comply with this Regulation and with all applicable CERTIFICATION BODY procedures;

 Not to take actions that are harmful, of any nature, with regard to the image and / or interests of People, Organizations, Entities, etc., interested in certifying their Competences, as well as towards CERTIFICATION BODY;

 Provide full cooperation to any information inquiry on infringements of this Code initiated by Accreditation Bodies and / or by CERTIFICATION BODY to handle any complaints;

 Satisfy all the commitments undertaken with a formal letter of appointment;

 Keep a record of all complaints received allowing access to CERTIFICATION BODY to these records, within 10 working days from receipt of the complaint, send written communication by mail or fax with a copy of the complaint to CERTIFICATION BODY;

 Not to carry out promotional activities that could induce third parties to an incorrect interpretation of the meaning of the CERTIFICATION BODY certifications held;

 Not to perform activities in competition with CERTIFICATION BODY;

 Always behave in the execution of their activities always in a way scrupulously loyal and independent of influences of any nature that may influence one’s own work and that of the personnel of which one is, possibly responsible;

Point out to the Trainer any conflict of interest that may exist in relation to the professional service related to certification, before taking any professional role;

 To maintain absolute confidentiality towards third parties (professional secrecy) on information of any nature obtained during professional service and without prejudice to legal requirements;

 Comply with all applicable laws and also the deontological code of professional orders and / or registers, in addition to CERTIFICATION BODY.