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Icep Approved © Courses

Icep Approved © Training Courses are training activities that an Icep Approved © Competence Centre delivers, in person or in a distance-learning setting.
The process of qualifying a Competence Centre’s training course as Icep Approved © includes evaluating the structure, length, programme, modules and contents, approach and methodologies, profile of the trainer or educator and all other aspects of the training course, according to predetermined standards. If applicable, the competence acquired in the Training Course is also associated to the respective professional profile codified by national and international standards, e.g. ISO, ISCO, ESCO classification, reported in the Certificate.
According to our regulations, the examination consists of a questionnaire containing 30 multiple-choice questions. Candidates can autonomously carry out the exam on the Icep dedicated online platform, after being granted access. Each candidate is given 2 attempts for the duration of 45’ minutes each to complete the test. In order to pass the exam and earn the Certificate, candidates must achieve a result of at least 70%.   

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