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Icep Competence Centres - ICC

An Icep Approved © Competence Center is a training organisation that delivers its activities according to standards of learning-oriented efficiency and effectiveness, based on the Icep CertiSkill requirements. The Competence Centre is also an Examination Centre for the certification of non-formal competences and can deliver Icep-qualified training courses that give access to accredited or non-accredited certifications. Competence Centres also have access to the Icep dedicated online platform, enabling them to: 

  • deliver synchronous training, track the attendance of participants and produce proof of the training provision 
  • hold distanced examinations for achieving the certification.
  • The qualification of Competence Centre and the certification of the competences acquired in the Icep Approved © Training Courses or educational programmes that Centres deliver, are an important guarantee for the learner and certification candidate. In fact, this ensures both the quality of the training service and the fulfilment of the entry requirements established in the Certification Scheme referring to the targeted professional profile or competence area. In addition, the qualification as Competence Centre assures stakeholders that all training activities comply with quality standards set by norms such as ISO9001 for class EA37 or ISO 29990 or ISO 21001.

    Become an ICC

    An Icep Approved © Competence Centre may be any type of organisation, without discrimination of any kind, unless subject to restrictive or statutory measures that do not enable the provision of training courses for the desired qualification. In order to qualify as an ICC, an organisation must demonstrate compliance with specific structural and organisational requirements, namely ISO 9001 Certification for the EA37 Class or ISO 29990 or ISO 21001 and other requirements listed in the Regulation of Qualification. If compliant, the candidate centre must submit the Request for Qualification as Competence Centre for evaluation and final approval. 

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