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Accredited Certification Schemes

In the case of Accredited Certification Schemes, the Personnel Certification is equivalent in its validity to the recognition acquired as a result of formal education or training. The certification process based on Accredited Schemes is subject to regular supervision and control by an independent and official authority. In particular, Icep has obtained its accreditation to the Slovak National Accreditation Service – SNAS, according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:12 – Accreditation code: O-020 The standard defines specific requirements for independence, competence and impartiality in order to provide real quality assurance of the certification services available. According to the standard, certification of individual competences can only be of added value if it is carried out by an 'Independent Third Party'.   

Our Accredited Certification Schemes 
Auditor QMS Auditor QMS Scheme (Italian version)    
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 Personnel Certification Regulation
 Code of Ethics
 Declaration of Impartiality (Italian version)

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