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Declaration of Impartiality

Icep bases the assessment on the certification of people’s skills on objective evidence obtained through a reliable, impartial, fair, valid assessment and not influenced by other interests or other parties.

In order to guarantee the impartiality of its activities, Icep periodically carries out a risk assessment deriving from real or potential threats by all the subjects involved in the skills assessment process attributable, for example, to:

  • Conflict of interest;
  • Economic/financial conditions.
  • Intimidation;
  • Potential personal interests;
  • Subjectivity of judgement;
  • Familiarity;

Icep undertakes, in order to guarantee the impartiality of its certification process, to manage, eliminate or reduce the real or potential risks, which have emerged through risk assessment, elaborating activity management procedures, monitoring and evaluating compliance with them over time, also through the involvement of interested parties, training the personnel involved, asking internal and external personnel to sign a Declaration of confidentiality and absence of conflict of interest.

Declaration updated on 10.11.2020

ICEP_Chief Executive Officer