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The Sound of Business


“The Sound of Business – "Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Competences of Adults to Extenuate the Business Knowledge Divide”

Project Number: 2018-1-SK01-KA204-046325

The Sound of Business project (acronym SoB) consortium is composed of six European organisations from Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary and it is led by ICEP. The project is funded through the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership programme (Adult education). The two year project is running from October 2018 until September 2020.

Through a mix of partners with a wide range of different expertise, consisting of a university, a chamber of commerce, a training institution, a consultancy company, a competence certification organisation and a not for profit association promoting non formal education.
Τhe consortium will develop 4 high quality outputs:

  • Training tools to improve the basic/transversal skills of adults
  • Learning Platform
  • Learning Documentary
  • Protocol for Certification of Competencies


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